Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Spotify Versus iTunes

We first talked about free Web 2.0 music service Spotify last year, soon after they launched. And they've come on a way. Now anyone can sign up for their free service (which is the most impressive). And it looks (listens) to me like its the best music model on the Internet for 'free tunes' while their iPhone app experience takes the service from your home to the mobile.

Spotify lets you hook into playlists, genres, albums and more all for free as long as you're OK putting up with a short spoken ad every half hour or so. I have hardly noticed hearing one, but that may be just because they don't have any advertisers as yet, and the listening experience has never really been compromised. So, it looks like iTunes finally have some competition - Spotify for your general, free, play-all-day offering and the Apple service for your favorite catalogue of owned tunes. Beware iTunes - it may be time to innovate once more.

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