Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Crowdtsorm's Crowd-controlled Comparison Shopping

Crowdstorm is another cool Brit Tech company worth watching. Founded by UK comparison shopping entrepreneur, Philip Wilkinson (you know Shopgenie, Kelkoo etc), it does crowd-controlled comparison shopping.

To use their jargon-ness its all about "impartial buying advice from a crowd of trusted people - cos Crowdstorm help ya find 'what' to buy through aggregating expert reviews, user reviews, thoughts, videos and q&a's from a crowd of trusted people and sites". Yo..... cool.

The test for Crowdstorm should prove to be in the quality of the crowd, relevance of early product categories, iterative-quality system comparison improvements (mothfull YAH!) within their engine and some cool marketing - cos these ain't the only guys onto crowd-controlled comparison shopping.

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