Tuesday, March 10, 2009

iPhone App Store Stumbles

The iPhone app store, which launched less than a year ago is all the rage. It touts app after app after app. App-arently (yeah, yeah...) there are now 15,000+ apps available for your iPhone from iTunes/the Apple App Store. 15,000! And if app development keeps going at this rate there could be approaching 50,000 by the end of next year. That's nearly 1,000 new ones to go through every week.

If you do the maths we'll soon be spending more time pouring through the Apple App store directory than reading the news, spending time online, watching movies and even going to work... You get the picture. In fact we now think the App store will stumble purely because there are too many apps!

You see no one wants to see iTunes packed with more apps than movies or tunes. So Apple, please chunk it down - has the recession not woken you to the fact that less could even be more? Please.

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