Tuesday, November 07, 2006

XBox Live to offer TV & movie downloads - the fight for the digital living room begins!

Microsoft's XBox Live service will offer movie and TV downloads as of November 22, competing with iTunes, Sony Connect, Amazon Unbox and Google's YouTube. Ooh, exciting.

The battle for the digital living room is shaping nicely with Microsoft, Sony and Apple all set to go. They can now use games consoles in Microsoft and Sony's case or the iTV in Apple's to connect Internet download services to TV's and portable devices.

Each now offer a complete range of computers, gaming devices, MP3 players and TV download hook-ups.

So, choose your horse. Microsoft as always will throw the most money at it and make the most noise, Sony will make get ahead when it comes to content and consumer sex appeal and Apple's solution will work the best.

I think I'll go with Apple for now!

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