Thursday, November 16, 2006

Google goes mobile - again!

Mobile operator 3 has teed up another great deal, this time with Google for mobile search proving yet again that when it comes to the mobile Internet they may just get it more than any mobile carrier.

And they are even talking about opening up their walled garden and introducing an open Internet experience on their handsets. I'll believe it when I see them really do it.

And they should 'cos the walled gardens that mobile operators have erected worldwide has done more to slow the take-up of the mobile Internet than anything else. By a long way.

When, oh when will they get it! At least they are making small steps - Yahoo has just done an ad deal with Vodafone in the UK and Cingular has teamed up with Microsoft for local search. The more mobile operators partner with Internet leaders the better, for all of us!

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