Friday, September 29, 2006

HP's Valleygate affair gets hotter than toast on fire!

HP's Valleygate scandal gets hotter than toast on fire today as ex-Chairman Dunn slammed blame for the dubious investigative practices on CEO Hurd and his team, including the now defunct chief lawyer Baskins (who I am promised has nothing to do with the ice-cream family).

CEO Hurd in return stated, that she (Dunn) had been the “business owner” of the leak investigation. “Pattie took it very seriously,” he said. “She came to me and asked to use HP...resources.”

Proving that he can chuck back a political hot potato as well as the next gal/guy.

Mind you no-one steps over a graveyard ex-employee better than Dunn: "[Ms Baskins] bled HP blue ink. Her career is ruined. She made some mistakes in her judgement.”

You bet - and who's next? Hurd's not looking so hot right now - maybe he's about to become toast!

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