Thursday, September 07, 2006

Amazon launch Unbox

Amazon has finally launched their TV and film download service aptly (yet weakly) named Amazon Unbox.

The service will offer content from six major Hollywood studios, including 20th Century Fox and Warner Bros., as well as TV networks such as CBS and Fox, and cable channels like Comedy Central and E! Entertainment.

You'll be able to buy movies for between $7.99 and $14.99 depending on their cool factor/age and TV programs will cost $1.99. You can also rent a movie for $3.99.

Out of the box/launch come 'Walk the Line' and 'Chinatown'.

I guess Steve Jobs is a little pissed - Amazon have jumped their movie launch next Tuesday. Ouch. But should Jobs worry about the threat to iTunes from Amazon's Unbox? Not yet, and certainly not with an install base of 60M iPod users and a couple of hundred million iTunes users.

Amazon has a long road ahead of them.

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