Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Apple launch iTunes movies, big ass iPod, 23" iMac and mobile phone!

Next week, September 12 to be precise, Apple wil have their D-Day!

If you believe the press, blog-mill, Apple leaks and general media natter Apple are about to control the digital media universe (well actually home) like never before.

For they are to unveil iTunes movies selling at $9.99 initially from Disney only - proving that it is worthwhile being their largest shareholder (plus, of course, the rest of the studios will promptly follow as was the case in the TV space). And to better view them we're gonna get a wider screen/better pixelled iPod and a 23" iMac to replace those boring 'ol TV's of ours (and I just bought a plasma - shame!).

And if this weren't enough Jobs is also going to bombard us/Microsoft with a video streaming wireless unit (Airport Extremely Xtreme) and an Apple mobile phone.

Oh God, where's my credit card gone.

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