Thursday, August 03, 2006

(i)Tunes in your car!

(i)Tunes are gonna be ringing in your car (as well as your Nike sneaker)!

Ford (yep that 'ol stuffed car company), GM (the other one) and Mazda (who?) have all agreed to link iPods to their in-car stereos in most models starting 2007.

You'll stuff your iPod in the glove compartent and change tracks from the in-car system. Lovely!

iPod continue their relentless drive to ubiquity and we prove we can use long sounding business words/jargon/gobbledy gook!!

Will ths announcement sell any more Fords, GM's or Mazda's (who??)? - I doubt it. But, if you drive a GM SUV, wear iPod connected Nike sneakers and put the pedal to the metal - God knows what extra terrestial experience your gonna enjoy!

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