Thursday, August 03, 2006

AOL continue their endless decline!

Hello the end of the beginning for AOL! (Or is it the beginning of the end?!)

Within a couple of days they have announced that their Internet access business will wither on the vine, slaughtered by the oh so viscious telco broadband offerings or 'the Cloud' in Europe.

As a result they will sell their access business in Europe, all but close shop in the US and offer everything for free in their all singing and not so dancing portal business at Oh, plus they're gonna dump 25% of their global workforce!!

The problem is that AOL as a free portal will always be a me-too runner up to Yahoo, Google and probably MySpace so the future is not so bright for the once Internet titan. It'll suit Time Warner and a slimmed down AOL may prove more affordable for them to hang onto even if it is the almighty end to the most extraordinary overvauluation of the old AOL business.

Plus if you've ever used AOL Mail you understand why they have to offer everything for free now.

Shame Time Warner, good luck to ya free AOL!

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