Monday, August 28, 2006

Google gives Microsoft a double spanking today!

Google returns to the spanking of Microsoft today with a double whammy of announcements. No wonder Billie Boy has left - this is just getting too humiliating.

First up Google announced that they now plan to aim their free applications - i.e. Gmail, Calendar, Web tools, and I guess in the not to distant future spreadsheet and word processing - at the corporate market. Youch!

And we thought Microsoft would have to bet their future on the corporate space. Poor luvvies. Google's spin, as always, will be that their bundle (Google Office? ((not!)) is cheaper, on-demand and easier to use. And it may even work as a pitch to smaller businesses.

As if this weren't enough of a headache announcement by the search pin-up boys, they then told the world that Ebay will partner with them (after all) in search based ads and click to call stuff everywhere in the world outside the US.

This means lots more lolly to Google (and Ebay) and loads more depression in Seattle. No, that's not a weather forecast.

And who said Google wouldn't do to Microsoft what Microsoft did to IBM - i.e. stuff 'em up!

Oh, and tip of the day - who's gonna buy (first)? Microsoft or Google?

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