Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Zhiing - Mobile Location Made Easy

Zhiing, a Web 2.0 mobile software company, is leading a clutch of ventures going after the mobile location-services space. Most of the other players look a little gimmicky. Not Zhiing. They have a simple, clear and useful app. Use Zhiing to send a message to folk you're waiting for at a meetup, bar, restaurant or park and with your message to 'get a move on' Zhiing embeds your location. Neat.

And best of all your location is only revealed as a one off with the message - so none of this permanent switching on of location services which allow friends and others to Internet stalk you. Finally.


Jon said...
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Alan said...

Check out zhiing's web to phone browser application as well. Really cool as it not only sends the location of places you find while surfing, it also allows for instant chat. I used it yesterday to set up getting together for lunch with a current flame. The chat feature allowed her to inform me that the place I picked was closed on Mondays. I was then able to look up one of the recommendations mentioned in her message to me and zhiinged both of us the directions. Saved me a lot of time and hassle.