Thursday, December 04, 2008

Ultraknowledge Another Google?

UK based start-up Ultraknowledge - (are they?) have come up with some powerful search technology which could enable media companies to monetize a greater portion of their content. Apparently they can tag and search deeper down into the bowels of your current and archived content to enable more relevant search and deeper monetization of your digital assets.

And if you think that sounds too jargony for you - just wait... Ultraknowledge use a content indexing and data storage engine that retrieves relevant content by comparing so called 'Concept Signatures' that are created for each indexed article. These signatures can be thought of as 'Digital DNA' (apparently) with each article creating its own unique set of patterns which allows for the analysis and comparison of content at multiple levels. I.e. they search deeper into your content layers. Watch out Google? Not quite yet.

But if you're still reading - good on you. Either way, we think they're worth a look in 'cos big UK media is starting to buy into them and we like the approach. We'll keep a watching brief.

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