Saturday, December 20, 2008

b-Uncut Does Web 2.0 Art

b-Uncut is a new kind of Web 2.0 social network. It kicked off in 2008 with a handful of artists and a big idea - to build the worlds coolest and most dynamic (virtual) art commune.

Today they boast 185 great artists from all over the world, adding at least one new artist a day. They have over 1,500 artworks loaded and showing online to the world at large. Over 2,000 art lovers visit every month and growing.

b-Uncut seem to have one of the more dynamic, lively, talented and inclusive communities around. And the industry is starting to take note. They feature both recognized and emerging artists.

And apparently they have recently been approached to increase the profile of relevant b-Uncut artists by featuring them at art fairs and gallery shows. They even have art critics researching artworks at b-Uncut for future projects and concepts.

If that's not enough b-Uncut plan to launch a publishing label - just for b-Uncut artists. Check them out - go to

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