Wednesday, October 22, 2008

7 Million iPhones

Apple just announced that they sold 7 million iPhones in their latest quarter. So, in 5 short quarters Apple have gone from a complete standing start in the mobile space to a quarterly run rate approaching 25 million iPhone sales per annum.

Analysts will pour all over these numbers because they probably prove the following:
- Apple will sell over 10 million iPhones in Q4,
- Apple will sell over 50 million iPhones in 2009,
- Apple could sell 100 million iPhones in 2010,
- Apple is set to overtake Blackberry as the No1 smartphone vendor,
- speculation will now go into overcharge re an iPhone Nano and iPhone 4G(?) for 2009,
- every other mobile phone vendor and their dog will launch iPhone killers with full touch screens and the real Internet,
- Apple will be forced to change the game again next year with the iPhone 4G/Nano,
- the iPhone will drive the next wave of halo effect overcharged sales of apple laptops and computers,
- even more folk will kiss Jobs' ass.

Does the Blackberry Storm have a chance? Maybe not, yet, quite... almost.

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