Wednesday, February 25, 2009

tumblr - A New Spin on Blogging

And who said Silicon Alley was dead? Life according to tumblr - who just raised a few million dollars - looks pretty good. They have a Web 2.0 app which is a mix between Blogger and Twitter and seems to be taking off. 

If you can't be shagged to write a whole blog and feel that Twitter is too short - then tumblr's for you. You can also have your cake and eat it cos you can bang on longer at Typepad/Wordpess/Blogger and RSS it into your tumblr page - while simultaneously zapping your tumblr feeds off to Twitter.

It looks like tumblr want to position themselves as the blog/tweet/posting hub for your life. If they add universal IM as well - they could be onto one. Oh and check mother ship's tumblr page - click this link.

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