Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Jobopz.com Pioneers Social Recruitment

For those of you looking for work here's a new Web 2.0 concept - social recruitment - at Jobopz.com. The site acts as one massive, virtual job/careers fair. Companies and recruitment professionals set up virtual stands (profiles) of themselves and jobseekers go to check them out, promote themselves, network and generally build relationships. There's also a social media dimension where members can share tips and tricks, get neat tools to enhance their job search, including training videos and more.

Jobopz seems to have been born from the premise that employee loyalty spans have shortened to the extent that most people need to more actively market and develop their careers (and themselves). Apparently this includes regularly networking with recruitment folk, prospective employers and even other like minded jobseekers who we might one day partner with on a new business project or venture! So check it out - go to Jobopz.com.

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