Thursday, December 21, 2006

Skype duo at it again!

First they brought us illegal file sharing and proved that Internet lawsuits can abound. Then they rattled global telecom companies with almost free Internet telephony for the masses.

And if you believe the latest hype the Skype duo are about to shake the world of Internet TV/video (hasn't YouTube already done that?) with their latest and greatest venture bizarrely named The Venice Project. I guess they like gondolas.

OK, so their company nomenclature leaves much to be desired, but you've got to hand it to the two Scandi's, they sure know how to create hype, cash and intrigue. The latter obviously fueling the first two like gas on flames.

As Google's real asset is their massive on-demand platform that serves up everything from search to real-time word processors, the Kazaa kids core invention is file-sharing, legally or illegally. First they applied it to digital music, then telephony and now Web TV.

In the first two instances the industries they attacked are still reeling from their affects even though with digital music a la Kazaa they ultimately let iTunes take over the show.

So what next I hear you say? How about Web books? Na. What about consumer software? Na. Bandwidth sharing? Nope, Fon's already done that. Mind you they have invested in them.

Maybe The Venice Project will be it and like so many filthy rich and slightly egotistical (don't they always go hand in hand) businessfolk they will become media barons on the back of it. Hey, if Branson can do it... And no investors here. Their own company with their very own wads of cash bank rolling it and two plucky fingers to Ebay.

Murdoch move aside.

Can two techies really create the next CBS? Maybe. And if so, now is as good a time as any. Watch out Google and Yahoo! Hello real Web TV - I hope.

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