Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All my friends are switching to Apple!

As 2006 gradually winds to a close, like a drunkard idling home after closing time, I am becoming aware of a year end trend. And no, I have not been drinking.

Lots of my friends are talking about switching to Apple computers for their home/personal life. Added to that, whenever I am in a public place (cafe, airport, library etc) I get approached (after being spotted using my Apple MacBook Pro) for advice on switching.

I switched over to Apple ten months ago as soon as Apple moved to Intel chips and I have never looked back. Now granted, I am a writer, photographer and film maker and as a result in the sweet spot of Apple users, but I have to say that switching to Apple today could be a no-brainer.

You get all the benefits of Apple hardware, support and media oriented software and services AND you can still run Windows. Plus Microsoft Office for the Mac is great and compatibility issues seem largely in the past.

Connecting your iMac to an iPod and the iPhone (starting in January), then sharing music, movies and more across Apple's AirPort Express and iTV swiftly and easily turns your home into a C21 media hub.

With the added benefit of Apple Stores which provide free advice and tech support I am not surprised that so many people are switching. And the new Intel Dual-core chips make any Apple lightening fast.

Where will it all end? I could even imagine Apple getting a 20% share of the US PC market. From there its anyone's guess.

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Tobbe said...

next one will be an Apple too.