Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lifestream at Storytlr

Lifestreaming's the new base jumping for Web 2.0 digital nomads. Sites like Storytlr could prove the next self promotion rage. They bring together all your Web 2.0 communications from favorite hang outs such as Flickr, Twitter, Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr etc into one aggregated page.

Yep, yap away at each of your favorite, disparate services and send your previously confused mates to just one space. Nifty. Could aggregation plays such as Storytlr be central to Web 3.0? Maybe.

You can also post blogs and photos directly to storytlr which means they have aspirations beyond just aggregating your feeds - they wanna have their Web 2.0 cake and eat it. Will you let them?

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Eschnou said...

Hi Philip,

Thanks for the review ! I think aggregation is key to the next web, especially when it comes to realtime aggregation. All players are moving in this direction (think Facebook feeds, Friendfeed, or even Twitter).

We try to have our own spin and niche. Have you seen our story feature that enable to mashup content from various sources and tell a story with it. Check this one: