Monday, January 19, 2009

Syncplicity & Dropbox; Sync - Back-up - Run

The latest Web 2.0 pin-ups could be a couple of leading PC sync companies that pretty much allow small companies to do away with the IT server and manager - Yaarghh. Syncplicity is the Windows play - enabling you to manage files and document/spreadsheet versions across PC's, company servers, home systems etc. While Dropbox are the Linux and Mac guys - taking them head to head with Apple's MobileMe.

If you're a small company sans the patience to wait for Windows 'Live' Office or the desire to switch to Google Apps, then Syncplicity in particular looks the way to go. Mind you, presumably Syncplicity will get gobbled up by Microsoft so it may not really matter either way. 

If these guys don't get snapped up anytime soon then their real future could lie in not just seamless syncing, but more importantly syncing seamlessly between platforms and disparate applications. I.e. Mac to PC to Linux box and out to Smartphones - shifting MS Office to Apple Works to OpenOffice etc. Bingo - Nirvana!

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